If a shipment contains multiple consignments for a single importer then usually a broker will wish to clear all consignments under one import declaration.

Cargo can automatically identify consignments to link to the declaration provided the linking criteria below has been met.

Linking Criteria

  • The shipment/flight is a consolidation (ie you have housebills under a single masterbill)
  • The consignments you want to link meet the following rules:
    • The consignment is within the same shipment.
    • There is not already a Customs clearance/release for the consignment (for example, cleared by another declaration or as a low value/write-off).
    • The importer name matches that stated on the declaration exactly.  Note that the importer name is determined from Importer field if given otherwise the Consignee.  
    • The bill destination is in the local/arrival country (ie the goods are not being transhipped internationally).
  • If already cleared/released declaration is being amended, then only consignments that have a matching TSW reference (or no TSW reference) will be included.

Data Requirements

Each linked consignment must contain packaging details.

Goods invoice details can be stated against each consignment (this is the recommended approach).  Alternatively, you can enter all invoice details under the consignment that you are lodging the declaration from.

Lodging your Declaration

  1. Nominate one consignment for lodging the declaration. 
  2. Open the consignment and select 'Lodge Original' from the 'Declaration ' menu.
  3. Compile the declaration.
    • If additional consignments are matched then these will appear at the bottom of the page allowing you to select which of these you want to link.  In most cases all the matched consignments will be selected for you.  But if, for example, another declaration has been sent for a consignment, this consignment will show at the top of the list with a warning message and will need to manually select this to have it included on your declaration.
    • Before compiling the declaration you can check the measures displayed at the top of the page.  Ensure that the number of bills, number of packages, weight and volume displayed are as you expect.  These are totals for all the consignments that are to be included on the declaration.
    • The freight, insurance and FOB adjustment amount you enter should be for all consignments you are including on the declaration.
  4. Sign-off the declaration
    Complete the sign-off in the same way as you would any declaration. You can preview the Declaration Certificate document to ensure that all invoice details have been included on the declaration. The declaration certificate will also indicate how many bill numbers in total are included.
    Once the sign-off has been completed, the consignment logs will be displayed indicating the total number of bills and packages.
  5. After the Customs release has been received, the Customs Release (delivery order) document can be generated listing all bill numbers included on the declaration.