The standard carrier format supports loading carrier level manifest data by uploading a CSV or Excel (.xlsx) file.

CSV Delimiters

CSV fields must be separated by either a comma (CSV) or a tab (text).

CSV rows must be separated by carriage return and line feed characters (CRLF)


Excel files

Must be .xlsx files.  The older .xls format is not supported.

Only the first worksheet of the spreadsheet is used (


The first row of data must contain the column names.

The column names can be in any order but must match those below exactly.

Columns names that are not recognized are ignored.

A BillNumber column is required. All other data items are optional.

As a starting point you may download the Excel template at the bottom of this page.

Shipment / border transport
ManifestReferenceThe reference for the manifest/shipment
Conveyance or VesselThe name of vessel for sea freight or flight number for air freight
VoyageThe voyage number for sea freight
LloydsNumberThe lloyds/IMO number for the vessel
DeparturePortThe departure port.  A full UN/LOCODE is required such as NZTRG
DepartureDateThe departure date and time
ArrivalPortThe arrival port.  A full UN/LOCODE is required such as AUSYD
ArrivalDateThe arrival date and time
Reference numbers
BillNumberThe booking or bill of lading number.  This is a Required field. 
ClearanceNumberThe TSW reference for export clearance
PrepaidOrCollectFor freight prepaid enter 'PREPAID' or 'P' otherwise freight collect will be assumed
ClientReferenceThe customers reference for the consignment (e.g. an order number)
Ports  / Locations
OriginPort or OriginThe origin location.   A full UN/LOCODE is required such as NZTRG
LoadPort or LoadPort of loading.   A full UN/LOCODE is required such as NZTRG
DischargePort or DischargePort of discharge.   A full UN/LOCODE is required such as AUSYD
DischargePremisesCode or DischargePremisesThe premises code for discharge.  For NZ this should be a CCA code e.g. 8590B
DeliveryPortPort of delivery - final domestic port of discharge where applicable.   A full UN/LOCODE is required such as NZAKL.  
DeliveryPremisesCodePremises code for delivery.  For NZ, this should be a CCA code.
DeliveryPremisesNamePremises name for delivery.  For NZ, this should the name of the CCA.  This can optionally be included along with the premises code.
DestinationPort or DestinationThe destination location.  A full UN/LOCODE is required such as AUSYD
ShipperNameThe shippers name
ShipperAddress1The shippers address (line 1)
ShipperAddress2The shippers address (line 2)
ShipperCityThe shippers city
ShipperRegionThe shippers region/state
ShipperPostCodeThe shippers postal code
ShipperContactNameThe shippers contact person
ShipperContactPhoneThe shippers contact phone number
ShipperContactEmailThe shippers contact email address
ConsigneeNameThe consignees name
ConsigneeAddress1The consignees address (line 1)
ConsigneeAddress2The consignees address (line 2)
ConsigneeCityThe consignees city
ConsigneeRegionThe consignees region/state
ConsigneePostCodeThe consignees postal code
ConsigneeContactNameThe consignees contact person
ConsigneeContactPhoneThe consignees contact phone number
ConsigneeContactEmailThe consignees contact email address
ConsigneeAccountNumberQuarantine account number where the consignee's account is to be charged.  For NZ this is the MPI account number and may apply to ICR for empty containers or import declarations.
Notify Party
NotifyPartyNameThe notify party name
NotifyPartyAddress1The notify party address (line 1)
NotifyPartyAddress2The notify party address (line 2)
NotifyPartyCityThe notify party city
NotifyPartyRegionThe notify party region/state
NotifyPartyPostCodeThe notify party postal code
NotifyPartyContactNameThe notify party contact person
NotifyPartyContactPhoneThe notify party contact phone number
NotifyPartyContactEmailThe notify party contact email address
Container details
ContainerNumberSea freight container number 
ContainerStatusF = FCL,  L = LCL, E = Empty
ContainerIsoCode or IsoCodeThe container ISO code
SealA container seal number
QuarantinePremisesNameName of the quarantine premises.  E.g. container yard for empty containers
QuarantinePremisesCodeQuarantine premises code
CleaningFacilityNameName of the container cleaning facility
CleaningFacilityCodeContainer cleaning facility code 
Goods / Packaging
GoodsDescriptionA description of the goods
PackageQuantity or PackageCountThe quantity/number of packages
PackageTypeA UN code for the package type.  E.g. PK, CT, PX
GrossWeightThe gross weight of the goods
GrossWeightUnitsThe weight units - if not provided then kgs will be assumed
Volume or CubicThe volume of the goods in metres cubed
NewOrUsedState USED for used goods, otherwise new will be assumed
GoodsIdTypeGoods identification type

Supported codes are:
VIN - Vehicle identification number
SRN - Serial number
CHN - Chassis number
LVN - Live animals number

GoodsIdNumberGoods identification number for one of the types above
Dangerous / Hazardous goods
UndgCodeUN dangerous goods code (where applicable)
FlashpointTempThe flashpoint temperature of the goods (where applicable)
TsMoveByThe method by which the goods are moving domestically for a transhipment.

Supported values are:
SEAC - Sea / Coastal vessel
SEAO - Sea / International vessel
AIR - Air freight
ROAD - Road transport
RAIL - Rail transport
MULTI - Multi-modal
TsConveyance or TsVesselThe vessel or flight number for the other leg involved in a transhipment
TsVoyageThe voyage number for the other leg involved in a transhipment
TsLoadingDateThe loading date for the other leg involved in a transhipment (as applies to an inbound shipment)
TsArrivalDateThe arrival date for the other leg involved in a transhipment (as applies to an outbound shipment)