For consignments that have a low value may be eligible to be written off by Customs this article outlines the key data requirements and describes how to request a write-off from TSW.


  • Your business must be registered for Trade Single Window and your client code should have been linked to us for B2B messaging.
  • Only a registered declarant with a PIN is able to request a write-off clearance from TSW.

Consignment / Bill Details

For eligible consignments, ensure that the Clearance Exemption has been set to 'Write-off' and that a currency, value and country of manufacture are entered.

Note that, an NZD zero amount can be entered in special cases when the goods have no real value.

Depending on the value of the goods, a tariff code may also need to be provided.

Submitting the Inward Cargo Report (ICR) to TSW 

When submitting the inward cargo report, ensure that 'Request write-off clearance' is ticked.

The declarant PIN must be entered when this option has been chosen.