The 'Add From File' option from the Shipments page can be used to upload manifest data into Cargo from a file.

This option is available from both the Inbound and Outbound tabs on the shipment page.

An important thing to note is that the data must be in a format that is supported by Cargo.  This can either be our internal format or your own format, please contact support for further details on this.

Step 1. Take 'Add From File' from the Shipments page from the appropriate tab

Step 2. Select the file to upload

Format         Your default file format will be selected automatically but if you have a need to upload files in different formats then you will need to select the format here.

File input     Select the file you wish to load.

Add mode    You can either choose to create a new shipment from the file or append the consignments to an existing shipment.  When the 'Append' option is selected you will be prompted to select an existing shipment.


Once you have selected your file, click 'Next' to proceed.

Step 3. Confirm shipment header details.

Next you will be prompted to confirm the shipment header details.  

Often this information will be set from the file contents.

You will need to enter any mandatory fields that have not been populated from your file.

The 'Manifest Reference' field is your reference for the shipment.  In some cases this field will be populated from your file contents.  If not, there is an option to have the system allocate a number for you.

Click 'Save' to continue

Step 4. Review results

The results of the upload will now be displayed showing the number of consignments that were loaded from the file and any issues that may have been encountered.

Note that when appending to an existing shipment, consignments that already exist (matching by freightbill number) will be skipped.

Click 'Return to Shipments' to continue.  If a new shipment was created this will now display in the list.