A declaration can be lodged for a consignment by opening the details page for the consignment and then selecting the appropriate option from the Declaration menu as shown in the image below.

Select 'Lodge Original' to create a new declaration and then submit it to TSW.

Or select 'Lodge Amendment' to amend an existing declaration.

Invoices that are entered against the consignment via the Invoices tab will be used to construct the line information for the declaration.

Where multiple declaration lines are needed it is necessary to enter at least one invoice prior to lodging the declaration and the invoice lines are where you must provide a classification for the goods.

However, the 'Lodge Declaration' option can be selected immediately when only a single line is needed.  In this case, the system will prompt you to enter the details for a single line invoice as shown in the first image below.

The invoice section of the page is only displayed when no invoices are already available for the consignment.  Otherwise this section will be omitted, as shown in the second image below.

Declaration page when no invoices have been entered:

Declaration page when invoices have already been entered:

Import/Export Declaration Page

The declaration page, as shown in the example images above, is used to create a new declaration or amend one that was created previously.  

Here you will enter details that are specific to the declaration such as the Declaration Type, Freight and Insurance values.

Selecting Compile here will allow you to continue to the Sign-off page which is the final step to complete.

Line Errors

After selecting Compile, if line information is missing or incorrect then the system will list the issues, and these must be corrected before continuing to the sign-off step.

Clicking on the error you will be prompted to the filed that require correction.  

Declaration Sign-off Page

The sign-off page is the final step where the declaration is finalized and lodged to TSW.


Displays the charges that are applicable for the declaration and provides an option to set the payment method.


Special instructions can be entered here and they will be sent to TSW agencies.  An amendment reason must be entered when making an amendment to a declaration.

Request manual processing:  This option is needed in special cases to bypass standard checks in the TSW system and allow the declaration to be processed manually by border agency staff.  If selected then a reason must also be entered.

Additional Information

Additional information can be added or removed where necessary.  Examples are permit numbers, passport numbers, exemption codes.

In some cases the system will automatically populate additional information based upon data provided in the consignment or invoice.

Attach Documents

Documents can optionally be attached to the declaration that is submitted to TSW.

Any documents that were already added to the consignment may be selected from the list.  

Alternatively there is an option to upload new documents from your local file system.  

Any documents that are uploaded will be stored against the consignment for future reference or in the event that the declaration is amended and the documents need to be attached again.


The sign-off section displays the legal text and prompts for the PIN code.

A declarant code and PIN are required to submit the declaration.  This information must be setup against your user profile (see How To Setup Declarant Details).

If there is missing or invalid information then the issues will be listed as shown below and Submit option will be unavailable.

In this case, the declaration will need to be placed on hold and the declaration can be lodged once the 

Submit Declaration

This option will available, provided that there are no outstanding issues with the data.  Otherwise the issues will be listed and the declaration must be placed on Hold until these have been corrected.

Choosing Submit will immediately submit the declaration to TSW and return you to the consignment details page.


This option can be used to only save the declaration details with the intention of completing the submit later.


This will display the Declaration Certificate report to preview the data prior to submitting.