This article describes the process to complete a import declaration for the quarantine agency.  This may be used to request a clearance for goods of interest to the quarantine agency or an approval for moving an FAK (groupage) or FCL container from the wharf to a premises for unpacking.


  • Your business must be registered for Trade Single Window and your client code should have been linked to SpeEDI for B2B messaging.

Data Requirements

Consignment data

For brevity we will assume that you already have shipment and consignment details entered into the system including package details for the consignment.

Contact details for the importer/consignee

A contact name and a means of contact is required for the importer/consignee.  Either a phone number or email address will be required as the means of contact.   This information can be entered when adding the consignment or after the consignment is added via the Edit option from the Bill Details tab.

Goods detail lines (invoices)

A declaration can include one or more detail lines for the goods.  

For multiple detail lines an invoice or invoices can be pre-loaded from the consignment Invoices tab.  A single detail line can be entered when completing the declaration process for the first time.

Submitting the quarantine declaration.

From the consignment details page, select 'Lodge Original' from the 'Declaration' menu.

Declaration Compile Step

You will presented with the declaration page.  Here you will enter details needed to compile the declaration and proceed to  sign-off.

Single line details (Top section of the page)

If invoice details have not been previously entered into the Invoices tab then you will be presented to enter details for a single line the top of the page.

The following line details must be entered:

  • Supplier name and address
  • Invoice number - if not known a default of N/A will be provided.
  • A classification code - this is a code that you assign to classify the goods.   This must be setup with a tariff code and description and may include additional qualifiers if needed.  The add or edit buttons to right of the field can be used to maintain the details for the classification.
  • Manufacture country - this must be entered if not already entered against the consignment.
  • A description of the goods
  • A currency and value - this is required.  For quarantine declarations this does not have to be accurate, it can be any value of $1 or more.
  • Quantity and units may be required for tariff codes have a statistical requirement.

Declaration Type / Other data (Bottom section of the page)

The declaration type must be set to Quarantine.   

Other details such as freight and insurance amounts are optional and not required for quarantine declarations.

The screenshot shows an example of a quarantine declaration to request movement of an FAK (groupage) container to a bondstore. To proceed to the sign of click on " Compile.

Declaration Sign-off

If the declaration was successfully compiled, then you will be presented with the sign-off page.  Once completed the declaration will be submitted to TSW.   

FCL Cargo

For FCL cargo, container quarantine questions will need to be answered.

Also, an MPI premises code is required for the container unpack location.  If already entered against the transport equipment then this may be removed by clicking the X over to the right.

Document attachments

At least one document must be attached to a quarantine declaration.  You can either upload new files or select any that were added into the Documents tab earlier.

Attachments must in the PDF format and could include documents such as a packing list, quarantine declaration, bill of lading etc.


When the details above have been completed, you can now submit the declaration.  Alternatively the declaration can be placed on Hold to save the changes and lodge at a later time.  Note that a declarant PIN is not strictly necessary for this type of import declaration.  But if a PIN has been added to the profile of the current user then this must be entered before the declaration can be submitted.

Post Lodgment

View Status

As per the screenshot above, the current statuses for the declaration can be viewed by clicking 'TSW ' from the consignment details page.   Stauses can also be viewed from the shipment Consignments tab by hovering over the information icon in the TSW Reference column.

Consignment Logs

The consignment Logs tab also contains a full history for the declaration and may include instructions that are returned by the quarantine agency.

Declarant Notification Emails

If the declarant has chosen to receive notifications then they will be sent emails when responses are received from TSW and optionally documents may be attached to these emails.

Consignment Documents

Any documents returned from TSW will be saved to the consignment Documents tab where they can be viewed, printed or downloaded.  An example of a document that may be returned from TSW is a MPI BACC document.