To submit export cargo report EDI your business will need to be registered for TSW.

Also you will need to have entered your TSW code (Customs code) into the business registration codes.  This can be done by an administrator user by going to 'Business Administration' from the Settings menu.

Step 1. Enter shipment and consignment data

An outbound shipment will need to be added.  This can either be done manually through the user interface or by bringing data in from a file using the 'Add From File' option.

When using 'Add From File' your data will need to be in a format that is supported by SpeEDI Cargo. 

Data Requirements

Shipment Data

When adding the shipment, enter all required fields (those with a red asterisk). 

Consignment Data

Add a consignment for each transhipment bill.

  • Enter all required fields (those displayed with red asterisk).
  • Ensure that the bill origin is changed to be the overseas origin.
  • Ensure that 'Request International Transhipment' is selected
  • Select a 'Move By' to state how the goods are moving to the point of loading (or if not applicable then Road)
  • Enter Inbound Leg details, including the vessel or flight that the goods arrived on.

Package Data

After adding each consignment, add details for each package/container that applies to the current bill.

You will need to state the following:

  • a package type and quantity
  • a description of the goods
  • if goods are containerized, the container details including the container number, type and ISO code 
  • the weight of the goods in kgs

After adding all packages for the consignment, use the bread crumbs at the top of the screen to navigate back to the list of Consignments.

Repeat the consignment add for each bill that is to be reported.

Step 2. Submit the Export Cargo Report and Monitor for responses.

Once data for all consignments has been entered, you can submit the cargo report to TSW.

To do this:

  • Return to the Consignments list for the Shipment.
  • Take 'Submit Export Cargo Report EDI' from the 'Cargo Report EDI' menu
  • Take 'Submit Original' on the 'Export Cargo Report EDI' page.
  • If the send returns errors, correct the data accordingly and then repeat the steps above to send again.
  • Once the cargo report has been sent successfully:
    • Check the Shipment 'Transport' and 'Logs' tabs to see the current status of the cargo report.  An 'Approved' status will be returned when TSW have accepted the lodgement and there are no header errors.  If there an Error was returned then details of the header errors will be displayed in the shipment logs.
    • Ensure that each consignment has received a 'Tranship Approved' status from TSW agencies.  For NZ you will expect to receive a status from both NZ Customs (NZCS) and MPI Biosecurity (MPIBIO).   A summary of the responses can be seen in the shipment logs.  Also the consignment list will display the TSW reference (clearance number) and hovering over the 'i' icon will display the statuses received from each agency.  The Logs tab for each consignment will display details, such as error messages, specific to that consignment.
    • If required a 'Customs Release' (delivery order) document can be generated for each consignment once a release has been received by Customs.
      This can be accessed by:
      • Opening the consignment
      • Selecting 'Customs Release' from the 'Reports' menu
      • A preview of the document will be displayed and this can then be printed, downloaded or emailed.